Top 5 Male Chastity Tips & Tricks & Techniques

Top 5 Male Chastity Tips & Tricks & Techniques

Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t the only ones who can be chaste. In fact, there are countless ancient relics on display in museums around the world to prove that. As it turns out, men have been using chastity devices since God only knows when. 

If you’re picturing a pair of iron underwear right now, then you’re pretty close to what I’m talking about. The idea behind “saving yourself” originated on moral grounds, but it has taken on a much kinkier meaning today. Now, male chastity is a viewed as a sign of sexy submission during role-playing games and BDSM.

What does chastity mean?

There are many different definitions of chastity, especially when it comes to sexually active males. It can mean abstaining from intercourse completely or refusing to do a specific thing with a specific person or at a specific time. This term basically describes a state of going without satisfaction, gratification, or acknowledgment (depending on how serious it gets). 
Back in the day, chastity belts were used to help keep someone pure by ensuring their modesty and celibacy. Thus, most people assume that the word equals a completely lack of lovemaking. However, being in a faithful marriage is an example and so doing everything but intercourse like an orally-gifted virgin. 

What is male chastity? 

Believe it or not, chastity is different for each gender. That’s because it’s an exercise in physical and mental fortitude, with techniques based solely on will power and anatomy. Thus, male chastity tends to look a little bit like this: 

  • Refusing to masturbate – A man might take measures to prevent himself from getting hands-on with his own penis. In fact, his partner can do the same with the right tools and responsive timing. 
  • Having erections restricted – Men can wear specialty devices to prevent boners for discretion and/or fetish purposes. These devices, called cock cages, are designed for long-term wear and comfort. 
  • Being cut off from ejaculation – Some guys prefer to boost their stamina by stopping ejaculation right before it happens. In some cases, they may even make it impossible to become aroused at all. 
  • Asking permission to cum – This is the least invasive form of male chastity, and it involves being verbally submissive to a partner during high-arousal moments such as intense foreplay and oral sex. 

Female chastity may involve many of the same things, but theirs is accomplished differently because of how their body works. So, to experience the thrills of sexual restriction, use tools and techniques designed for your unique anatomy. 

How to chastise a man 


Chastising a man isn’t as hard as it sounds. Throughout the years, guys have come up with some pretty creative ways to ensure they never ejaculate unless it’s 100% permissible. Meanwhile, sex toy manufacturers and expert Kinksters have added to the pot. Now, there’s at least five different ways to get the job one.  

#1. Use a Locking Cock Cage
Cock cages are specially-made devices designed to house a flaccid penis. Many of them are made from smooth, hypoallergenic materials and fitted for long-term wear. If you shop smart, you can even find some that come with pad locks and keys. Simply slide the wearer’s penis into the cage, lock it up, and then watch as they struggle to stay soft while you tickle and tease their balls. When that’s done, use the penis cage to ensure your man gets zero boners while you’re away. 

#2. Wear Restrictive Penis Chastity Rings 
Penis rings allow for a little more movement and pleasure but can also help prevent ejaculation if they’re used creatively. You see, penis lassos are designed to restrict blood flow to the shaft. That, in turn, makes it more challenging for the wearer to get off, even if they’re being aroused or fondled by a lover. When combined with a cock cage, these rings can totally prevent cumming or at least slow it down. Plus, some rings have built-in pleasure features to make it even harder (literally). 

#3. Practice Tantric Sex 
Tantric sex is an ancient practice that involves stimulating yourself or a partner to the point of near climax before backing off to let the sensations subside. It may sound cruel, but it’s actually rather hot and can even boost a person’s sexual endurance. This technique requires a lot of self-control, though. So, it’s important to use your resources when trying it for the first time. Of course, tools like cock cages and rings are essential. However, topical products such as numbing creams may work just as well. 

#4. Tie Up His Hands 
It’s nearly impossible to masturbate when you can’t move your hands or arms. It’s even harder to have sex or satisfy yourself with much else besides your imagination. Restricting motion is one of the best ways to ensure chastity in men, especially since most of their pleasure comes from external stimulation. So, use whatever you can to prevent that man from touching you, himself, or anything else. Tie up his wrists with rope or slap some handcuffs on him until you’re ready to set him free. 

#5. Experiment with Virtual Reality 
Virtual reality, or VR, is a relatively new technology that has finally made its way to the sex toy marketplace. That means users can experience real-time simulations and feel intense pleasure regardless of whether their partner is present or not. Thus, VR sex toys have been a must-have for faithful spouses and long-distance couples who wish to avoid the trappings of temptation without getting cranky. And because it uses remote controlling, partners can still dictate who gets off and when.
Male chastity is the cornerstone of kink and the foundation of a long-lasting relationship. It is not the refusal of sexual pleasure forever, so it’s not the end of your libido in any way. Instead, chastity is like building up your ammo reserves for a more successful booty battle. It’s smart, sexy, and oh so satisfying in the end.  

Tips for using chastity equipment 

If you do this right, then you’ll eventually need some chastity gear to ensure proper compliance with the rules and optimal safety. After all, we’re talking about a man’s most sensitive body parts here. There is very little room for error and prolonged chastisement may breed resentment if there’s no reward on the other side. 
So, take your time developing a plan and then use these five tips to pick out (and use) today’s top-notch chastity equipment: 

Pay attention to the fit or feel the pinch. 
Keep in mind that not all chastity products for men are made the same. That means they’ll all be different shapes and sizes, so look closely. Try to find something that fits over a flaccid penis comfortably. Ideally, there should only be a few centimeters of moving space if the device fits correctly. 
TIP: Cock cages and penis rings both come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. 

Mind the chastity  materials to stay cozy and comfortable. 
Penis skin can be extremely sensitive, especially when sweat and environmental debris are added. Prolonged use of cock cages may, therefore, result in chaffing or allergic reactions if the wrong materials are used. So, stick with something hypoallergenic like stainless steel, PVC, TPE, or silicone. 
TIP: Coordinate the lube you use with the device’s materials to prevent damage. 

Use the accessories provided for well-rounded experience. 
In most cases, people who buy male chastity products end up getting tons of naughty accessories to enhance the device’s wearability and/or functionality. This generally includes padlocks, keys, cellmate identification paraphernalia, and size adjustment components. Use them as intended for a better night.
TIP: Keep a spare key somewhere safe to prevent embarrassing traps and painful accidents. 

Combine forces for a major chastity impact. 
Did you know that you can create your own chastity games with a partner? That’s especially true if you have more than one piece of genital restriction gear. Think: cock ring under a penis cage, or both while the wearer is tied to the bed. Combine all that with some visual, auditory, or physical stimulation to make it even more interesting. 
TIP: Make sure everything can be used at the same time by checking for compatible features and materials.

Have a backup plan in case of an escape. 
 In some cases, it’s more difficult to keep a man chaste because his will is too strong. When that happens, you’ve got to be quick on your feet and creative. It also helps to have a backup plan that includes more restrictive measures. So, start out with something gentle that way you have somewhere to go when things get more serious. 
TIP: Use durable, high-quality products to prevent breakage and stop possible escapes. 

In summary 
Male chastity can be a fun thing to explore with the right tips, tricks, tools, and techniques. So, don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit and never do anything that might put you or your partner in danger. Also, talk honestly with your partner to determine hard and soft boundaries in the bedroom. 


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