From Dungeons to Dominance: Inside Netflix's 'Binding' Series

From Dungeons to Dominance: Inside Netflix's 'Binding' Series

After the youthful comedic success of Sex Education, we could notice that there are actually quite a lot of series sharing similar topics and themes. What has drawn my attention is a series about BDSM titled Bonding.

In a landscape where BDSM-themed shows are rare, this series, resembling a collection of skits, takes a quick and concise approach. Currently in its second season, each season comprises a mere 7 episodes, each lasting less than 20 minutes.

Binding comes with the label of many adult themes, delving into the BDSM community and catering to aficionados of niche interests, opening the eyes of viewers to the world of BDSM at its core. However, the show doesn't trivialize or sensationalize these labels with a colored lens; it maintains its clear core values.

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As one of the rare BDSM-themed productions, unlike Fifty Shades of Grey and other similar movies or series, you can often find more practical knowledge about BDSM techniques in Bonding.

The BDSM culture has grown, with an increasing number of people having this particular fetish demand. Where there's demand, there's a market. Specialized clubs and professional dominatrixes have even emerged. 

The main character, Tiff, is a psychology graduate student. In school, she's a diligent student of psychology, but in real life, she's a seasoned dominatrix, specializing in the role of a professional dominatrix.

The male character, Pete, is Tiff's long-time friend and also a gay man. Pete works as Tiff's assistant to make money to cover his rent, unknowingly opening the door to a whole new world of BDSM.

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Unlike the progressive dynamics in Love and Leash, the main character in this series are more hardcore. When the identity of the sadist becomes a profession, a group of diverse subs becomes TJ's little "pets".

The BDSM industry is hidden in an underground world, its workplaces are called "dungeons," and most people work at night. The show articulates society's rejection and expulsion of BDSM through Tiff's changing professional environment and her self-acceptance of her profession.

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The initial episodes mainly showcase various sensational scenes, giving viewers a rough glimpse into the seemingly mysterious world of the BDSM community. For instance, one client's request is for Pete to urinate on his face to achieve the satisfaction.

Some of the plays help Pete overcome his fears, in this process, Pete also redefines himself, thoroughly start to enjoy the state of inflicting pain.

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Pete's landlord is a straight guy, but he enjoys the sensation of fingers touching his prostate, but his wife doesn't share his fetish. She can only turn to Pete for help. After fulfill landlord's fantasy, Pete get to waive a month's rent.

Speaking of male's orgasms, ejaculation is not a only way to achieve. Moreover, in many heterosexual couples, anal sex is pretty uncommon. The prostate, as a unique male body part, can provide a different kind of orgasmic pleasure, irrespective of sexual orientation. It's pretty much like the female G-spot, it's a delicate experience.

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All fetishes are reflections of the mind, and understanding psychology can help you face yourself. In Bonding, many conversations, disguised in humorous attire, provide insight and punctually articulate the very essence of some plays.

"Blow Job is like the Airbnb of sex, it's fun, temporary stay. As long as you clean up after yourself. But anal is straight up like home-owning, you're paying a mortgage, you're landscaping, you're constantly fixing pipes. The mess is your mess."

Similarly, the perspectives on masculinity in the series are also intriguing.

"Masculinity is inherently constricting; men come to me to escape this crippling societal prison. Once the sexual patriarchy dies, then all genders will be equal. Everyone thinks dom work is just about sex work. It's really just liberation from shame."

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Unlike Sex Education, which primarily focuses on sexual relationships in high school. Bonding transitions from campus life to adult world sexual relationships. Starting from the game, ultimately returning to love and self-discovery.

BDSM can also be a positive psychological therapy. So, what
kind of plays will you use tonight for a positive psychological therapy? Your can comment below to share.


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