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Nowadays, nipple clamps are more and more popular and play a very important role on BDSM life. So let's show you some about nipple clamps.

What are nipple clamps?

What are nipple clamps

A nipple clamp is a type of sex toy that is applied to a person's nipples to pinch them. Varieties of nipple clamp include clothes-pin-style, tweezer and clover. Nipple clamps are used to cause pain in the nipples as part of certain BDSM activities. They are also used to produce erotic stimulation as part of nipple play. In this context they are not primarily used to produce pain but rather to increase nipple sensation.Their use traps blood in the nipples, increasing the sensitivity of the nipple. The sexologist Carol Queen says that "clamps are also very useful for hands-free nipple play"

As the nipples are an erogenous zone, nipple clamps can be used to heighten sensation and may lead to orgasm.BDSM practices, such as the use of a safeword, are often employed when nipple clamps are used. Before the clamps are applied the nipples are typically stimulated manually or orally to prepare them. Pulling on the nipples to elongate them makes it easier to attach the clamps. Once the nipples are erect they are held taut and the "jaws" of the clamps are closed slowly, usually on the base of the nipples where they meet the areolae as this area is less sensitive than the tip. The technique for ensuring a firm grip on the nipples varies depending on their size. Small nipples are often clamped along with part of the areolae, while large nipples are sometimes clamped without first being erected.Subsequently the tension is increased, and this is often accompanied by additional manual or oral stimulation.

For safety reasons the length of time for which nipple clamps are worn is limited. Bruising and soreness can result if they are used for more than 10 minutes at a time. If the blood circulation to the nipple is cut for too long there is also a risk of damage to the tissue and nerves. Changes in skin colour can be used to determine the level of blood flow, which needs to be re-established regularly to prevent any permanent damage. When the clamps are removed the restricted blood flow rushes back into the nipples and releases oxytocin, a hormone associated with orgasm. This can make skin sensations more intense and pleasurable. The restriction and reintroduction of blood flow into the nipples can be painful, and this is used as part of some BDSM activities such as breast torture.

Nipple clamps are also be used in BDSM for predicament bondage. They can be connected to a secondary attachment point such as a hook on a wall or a piece or furniture so that the wearer is unable to move without pulling on their nipples. To avoid this they have to remain in a position which is uncomfortable or in which they can be tickled or tortured. Similarly nipple clamps can be attached to a leash allowing the wearer to be led by their clamps.

After the clamps are removed it is common to soothe the nipples with ice, lotion, or aloe.

Do Nipple Clamps Hurt?

Nipple clamps are one of those are one of those things that make a lot of people go “eeeeeeek!” and reflexively grab their chests at their mention.

No judgement – our nipples are one of the most delicate and sensitive areas of the body, and we’ve got to look out for them!

But, in reality, do nipple clamps hurt?

Well, for most people, they shouldn’t. Whilst nipple clamps aren’t a one-size- or one-intensity-fits-all affair, the goal of most nipple clamps is not to hurt you. Instead, most give you a pinching sensation that results in a dullness or numbness rather than pain.

Those feelings are actually a by-product of what nipple clamps are designed to do.

By pinching your nipples, they reduce blood flow to the area, which is what causes you to lose some of the sensation in your nips.

But the real magic happens when you take them off!

Once you release the grip of the clamps, blood rushes back toward your nipples, which makes them incredibly sensitive.

Every sensation is suddenly amplified, and every touch, lick and puff of air can feel multitudes more amazing.

If you’re someone who finds that nipple stimulation turns you on in other areas, nipple clamps are a way to turn the dial up to one hundred.

Tips for Making Sure Your Nipple Clamps Don’t Hurt

Here are some things to think about when trying out nipple clamps to ensure that you stay safe, comfortable and pain-free!

1. Don’t wear them too tight. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a common mistake people make when first using nipple clamps is to crank up the tightness too high. When we’re aroused, our pain tolerance can go up, and we can overdo things without realizing. If you’re in doubt, start looser and see how your body reacts.

2. Don’t wear them for too long. The tighter you have your nipple clamps, the less time they should stay on your nipples. You should check in on your nips after 15 minutes (or before) to see if they holding up okay. They may be a little pink, but any other colors like intense red, purple or blue mean that you should remove them immediately.

3. Use clamps with covered tips. Many nipple clamps have tips coated in soft silicone or rubber, which help protect the delicate skin of your nipples from being grazed or torn by the metal beneath. They also broaden the tips slightly, and more surface area means more of the pressure on your nipples is diffused, lessening the pinch.

4. Remove your clamps correctly. Tugging your nipple clamps off is a definite no-no, and can cause a lot of pain. When you’re ready to remove your clamps, loosen them completely before taking them off slowly. With super sensitive nipples, the key is to be as gentle as you can.

How To Use Nipple Clamps?

how to use nipple clamps

1. Choose the right nipple clamp for you.
There are many different types of nipple clamps out there, and if this is your first venture into nipple clamp land, I highly recommend getting adjustable ones. This way, you can make the pinching as light or intense as you want it.

Another important thing to note: not all nipple clamps are created equal! For example, bare metal clamps are a lot more intense than nipple clamps that have a silicone cover on the tip. Additionally, folks with more sensitive skin will want to make sure that the materials are nickel-free.

2. Warm up the area first.
Okay, so you know you want to use them, you have some in your hands — what's next? Prep the area! Similar to the genitals, it's essential to stimulate the nipples before pinching them with the clamps. You can touch the whole breast, suck on the nipples themselves, squeeze around a little bit and wait until you feel a bit aroused. Then, take a deep breath and close the clamps slowly, while breathing in. You can put them on yourself or ask your partner to do it for you.

3. Establish a safe word.
As with using any other sex toy, you need to be on the same page with your partner going in, but it's also important to keep those lines of communication open throughout. Tell your partner if the pressure is too little, too much, or just right. And when you're venturing into territory where pleasurable pain is involved, a safe word is necessary — this helps keep everyone safe and enthusiastic consent present at every turn.

4. When is the best time to take them off?
You can leave nipple clamps on for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how intense the pinching is. The best time to take them off during play is while the person wearing them is on the brink of an orgasm or during an orgasm. The blood will start rushing back to the nipples, and oxytocin will release — aka it'll feel even more intense.

5. Experiment with where you use them.
Nipple clamps are so versatile that they can be used during any part of a sexual or play experience, and some don't just have to be used on the nipples! For example, some tweezer-style nipple clamps double as great clitoral clamps.

Some nip owners are heart eyes for nipple clamps. Others, less so. Don’t get discouraged if the first time you use them is *shrug emoji* —sometimes cranking them looser or tighter makes all the difference.

Why Nipple Clamps Are the Most Underrated Sex Toys?

Just because you can't show them on Instagram doesn't mean you should be ignoring your nipples in other aspects of life.

Licking nipples, sucking nipples, pinching nipples, looking at nipples—everyone wants a slice of the nip action. And why not? Nipples are one of only a few prime, magical erogenous zones chock-full of delicious nerve endings that, when stimulated, can send you into a heated frenzy.

"Nipples on all bodies can be very sensitive, and just like all bodies are different, so are reactions to nipple stimulation.”

We've got sleeves and cock rings for penises and vibrators and dildos for vaginas and clitorises, so doesn't it make sense that there would be something for nipples as well? Enter the nipple clamp, probably the most underrated sex toy in the world.

If you've yet to consider the nipple clamp, just the name might conjure images of a dominatrix with a young man suspended on ropes, torturously using clamps to make him yelp in pain and pleasure—which can be hot! But it's not the sole use of the nipple clamp. In fact, using them can be and experience totally devoid of pain, where they only increase sensation. As objects, nipple clamps can even be beautiful, handcrafted works of art.

It's also a whole new world of sexual adventure that's surprisingly easy to get into, once you know the basics. For instance, there are a variety of different styles—some are adjustable, meaning you move a small clip up the clamp to enhance tightness, while some use a screw to adjust sensation. Even others are straightforward clamps, like a clothespin.

And while putting them on is hot, things only get more interesting from there. "It's when you take them off that the sensation peaks,” says someone. "By restricting blood flow and then releasing it, you get a sharp rush of pain and endorphins.”

"The clamps were mounted to the tabletop, and they held the fabric in place so that the seamstresses could focus on the delicate work of sewing kimonos or quilts without their work sliding all over the place”.

Historically, nipple clamps have been a tool to source pleasurable control. The first literary depiction of the nipple clamp was in 1790. Though his descriptions included a particularly intense form of sexual cruelty, the original use of nipple clamps were indeed intended to inflict sexual pain.

But don't worry: If you're not into the erotic pain, you don't have to use nipple clamps that way. "Nipple clamps are designed to squeeze the nipple and create an ongoing sensation of pressure, the pressure varies from light intensity to seriously intense. Adjustable clamps let you play with that pressure and adjust it for comfort and not so comfortable. They first create a pinching feeling and that fades to a dull ache.”

If you need more convincing that nipple clamps are worth exploring, there's also a biological reason you might be into them. Many researchers believe that humans are attracted to breasts because the shape and size can indicate a woman's fertility.

So why isn't the nipple clamp more popular? Someone tells us that just the term "nipple clamp” makes the entire concept a little more taboo than your average sex toy. "It's incredibly direct and unabashed—nothing like the vague sexual euphemisms we can get away with in casual conversation,” she says. "It's associated with pain, and many people are still uncomfortable (on the surface, at least) with the idea of there being any connections between pleasure and pain. It goes against our society's traditional ideas of what sexuality should feel like and involve, so people are hesitant to talk about it.”

But as attitudes around sexual exploration are loosening up and more people are choosing to open the door to new erotic adventures, nipple clamps should get their consideration. Because no matter your sexual orientation, identity, preferences, or even your political affiliation, there is one thing on this green earth that almost all of us can agree on: Nipples are awesome.


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