Maintenance Manual of UPKO Products


Leather products:

Daily Maintenance

1. Leather cleaner may be used for maintenance;

2. Leather products should be cleaned with soft cotton clothes and wax to avoid damaging the surface. No leather product can be washed with water;

3. Long-term exposure to sunshine and rain should be prevented;

4. Please do not contact this product with strong acid, alkali and corrosive substances, as well as greasy dirt;

5. Please prevent this product from direct contact or friction with sharp or rigid objects;

6. When affected by moisture or damp, the product should be air-dried, or blow dried with heat;

7. Anti-blushing agents should be applied to the leather product used as a permanent collection which should also sealed with a plastic bag and kept in a cool and dry environment.



1. Following are the don’ts in using

2. Damping in rain, keeping in moisture, long-term exposure to sunshine, temperature higher than 70 degree Centigrade, friction with coarse objects, and contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive substances.

3. How to treat products damped or soaked: air-dry the products at shady and ventilated place before waxing; exposure to high temperature, flames or sunshine should be prevented.

4. Treatment of scratches: spray leather care products to the surface and wait for air-drying. Cover the surface with a dry cloth, heat it by a blow drier for 30-60 seconds and used it to wipe the surface repeatedly.

5. In case of minor cracks, egg-white may be used for adhesion.

6. How to clean the mildew: wipe up the mildew parts with a soft and dry cloth before evenly applying the leather care product. Please do not use water or gasoline, as the former will harden the leather and the latter evaporate the oil within and lead to cracking.


Metal Parts:

Rain soaking, squeezing, scratching, oil contamination and corrosion by chemicals should be avoided. Please prevent mildew and contact with corrosive substances or liquid. Rusts of metal parts during the use may be wiped out with a soft and dry cloth accompanied by some polishing powder. Such operation should be conducted from time to time in order to maintain the gloss and prevent discoloring and oxidation. Golden and bronze products may see normal discoloring in a certain period of using and this should not be treated as a quality problem.


Fox fur butt plugs:

* The tails are made of real fox fur, which has a slight scent and also the fur loss. It is a normal phenomenon, please use a hair dryer to deal with the tail before using.

* Please note that fur products should not be washed, just wiped it with a wet towel or wet tissue when finished using,  then airing it under ventilated place for some time.


Hand wash only, and do not iron.

Do not accept exchange and return once the items are unpackaged or unsealed, in condition of there is no quality problems.