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A true control device

When I saw this cage I had to have it. I have a more discreet device I wear almost daily, but this device is what she tells me to put on when she is in charge. This one makes me feel sexy, like I am owned. When I wear it, I do what she wants and receive what she is giving to me and this cage has a distinct way of reminding me who is in charge, it might be the silicone spikes, or it might just be the design.
I’m a grower not a show-er, when I’m small the cage is a bit loose, but the feeling of this cage controls your erections, reminds you that you aren’t allowed to get hard. Great design, well thought out. All in all, a great purchase.

Very fast Shipping

Seller was very professional and Willing to ship to me. Product arrived in perfect condition and was well packaged. Great communication and very accommodating. Highly recommend.

Shipped quickly and arrived even quicker!

Well packaged and protected (double boxed). Everything looks sleek and appealing. I agree with other reviewers that the velcro straps should be longer, but I managed to make it work. The drawers are shallow but good for storing clips, flattened collars, candles, etc. Beautiful wine colored interior. I can't wait for my Dom to open this up on X-mas!

Great design and finish. The velcro straps are right size to loop around most impact play handles

Somewhat unusual but totally awesome!

Love this so much. Fast Shipping

The best toy box organizer ever. We love it

The best toy box organizer ever. We love it

I was gifted the anklet and it surpassed my expectations. I truly love it


The item is of good quality, made of genuine leather. Communication with the seller is fast and reliable. It's been twice since I ordered from this seller and I'm still as satisfied.

Finally, a cage designed for humans!

I immediately had to get one because it’s honestly one of the only designs I’ve seen that isn’t the exact same as all the others. The quality is amazing and the general design is great. It curves where it needs to and my bf says it is extremely comfortable while staying very snug and secure. The keys are high quality with cute heart. Bf says it is the only cage he’s ever worn that he can forget he’s wearing.

Absolutely beautiful.

I travel a lot so this is a wonderful addition to my set. Give me a nice little travel kit. The leather was good quality and there were lovely velvet bags in the drawers as well for the items.

It is solid and will last a lifetime!

What is not to love about this thing? It holds so much gear I am still arranging things in it! It exceeded my expectations and worth every penny! Every detail about this is luxurious and definitely designed by someone who actually uses this type of storage unit. I searched high and low and found nothing as substantial or elegant as this.

Love it

I fit everything I have in this. Amazing

I'm really excited

The quality is great, feels great and does not smell unpleasant. Gladly again!

40th BIRTHDAY VIBES!!!!!!! Arrived today just in time for my birthday dinner. Sooooooooo Beautiful!!! Nicely packaged…I am so happy I found these!

The quality and design is remarkable!

Never seen anything like it. It is very special. Worth every penny. So beautiful and feels great on. Will last a lifetime also.

This collar is absolutely EXQUISITE!!


Already visually an eye-catcher

Color and size are super
Colorful toys are cool.

Worth to buy

Cage has a great fit and very comfortable, rubber pad feels a little flimsy but gets the job done!

Good quality, arrived quickly, feels incredible!

Very worth buying. Texture is quite firm, reacts well to being smacked around or thrown about. Base suction works well, tip tapers very well. Looks are great. Feel is amazing. Details are immaculate.

Absolutely lover this!

The quality was unmatched by anything I had previous. If this were in a retail store, I could easily see it going for $2000 for the level of craftmanship. truly a beautiful piece.

UPKO Rose Ball Gag
We've been looking for a a good quality mouth gag for a while

This is exactly what we've been looking for. Except for a little hair pulling upon removal this is exactly what we wanted. The mouthpiece is soft and very easy to breathe through. You do have the ability to bite down when needed and clean up is pretty simple too.

Don't hesitate

I had to have some surgery a few weeks ago and bought this sexy nurse's uniform for my wife. Well, she decided the outfit was too sexy for the moment and waited til I regained more strength. This evening she surprised me with the uniform and perfect stockings & sexy heels to match.She looks SO fantastically cute and sexy in this uniform.