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UPKO BDSM Sade Trunk

UPKO Sade Trunk

UPKO Lockable Sade Trunk is a haven for all your cherished BDSM gears. Its sleek design not only ensures your beloved tools are kept securely but also adds a touch...
UPKO BDSM Vertical Trunk Kit

UPKO Luxury BDSM Vertical Trunk Kit

UPKO Luxury Essential BDSM Bondage Restraint Set can fit all your kinky needs, suitable for all kinds of BDSM scenes. Not only it includes all the essential tools, also the...
UPKO Bed Restraint Strap BDSM

Bed Restraint Strap (Two straps are needed for the X-shape bondage)

Turn the bedroom into a fancy SM space! Heat the atmosphere up straightway.Get on a whole new fun and playful journey. High-quality alloy with preferred safe nylon straps.Solid and resilient,...
UPKO Simplified Takate Kote Set

UPKO Simplified Takate Kote Set

Turn your bedroom into a fantasy BDSM place with UPKO Simplified Takate Kote Set.Takate Kote is one of the classic staples of Shibari bondage. Achieving absolute control over the upper...
UPKO Butt Plug

“The Chess" Collection- 「King」Butt Plug

Description: During the intimate play, taking the control is not the purpose of intimate relationship, equality and balance can be harmonious and lasting.“The Chess” Collection integrates chess elements into toys,...
UPKO Bondage Restraints Gear

「Clack」Bondage Restraints Gear

Multiple Play Combinations - A Comprehensive SolutionMaking intimate play a part of everyday life.Multiple styles and combinations for unlimited enjoyment.An exhilarating experience—firm, secure, and durable.Extremely portable, light, easy to store,...
UPKO Bondage Spreader Bar BDSM

Spreader Bar With Wrist And Ankle Cuffs Matching With Various Accessories

From $79.00
Description: Have you ever experienced the pleasure of rigid bondage?Total control, forcing legs apart.Immovable and versatile, offering various scenarios for play.Advantages of Rigid Bondage:Product design: hardcore coercion, strong visual impactUsage...
Hogtie Bondage Gear With Mouth Gags-Three different mouth gags included

Hogtie Bondage Gear With Mouth Gags-Three different mouth gags included

BDSM has a super-representative HOGTIE BONDAGE posture, representing a symbolic level!As an advanced posture, completing “HOGTIE BONDAGE” is a milestone challenge, which means that you have a trusted partner with...
UPKO Metal Kegel Ball

“The Chess" Collection- 「Queen」Premium Metal Pleasure Balls

Description: During the intimate play, taking the control is not the purpose of intimate relationship, equality and balance can be harmonious and lasting.“The Chess” Collection integrates chess elements into toys,...
UPKO Urethral Sound
Long Plug+short Plug Set

“The Chess" Collection- 「Knight」Urethral Sound 2-piece Plugs Set

Description:  A Mighty Entry for Conquest. As the valiant knight wields the mighty lance, conquering battles with courage and valor, the sensation of the “lance”'s entry brings forth a unique...
UPKO Wand Vibrator Harness

Remote-control Wand Vibrator&Thigh Harness Combo

Description: Discover a new world of heightened pleasure and excitement with our state-of-the-art wand vibrator. Designed to provide an unforgettable experience, this innovative device boasts a range of features that...
Leather Head Restraint With Bit Gag

Adjustable Leather Head Restraint Harness Mouth Gag With Leash

Description: Constraining the wild body, controlling the sensual soul.Taming the seductive soul, achieving harmony and understanding. As the spirited pony dons the reins, it gracefully performs an elegant dance in...
UPKO Extra-long Spreader Bar BDSM Set

Extra-long Spreader Bar With Choker And Cuffs With Nipple Chain Clamps Dangle With Bell

Description: To achieve play of submission with this astonishing“Human Furniture"Meet our versatile creation that redefines kinky play: the dual-purpose of hands and feet restraint tool. Experience a new level of...
UPKO Leather Restraints Collection

Indulge In The Restraints Collection-Choker/Handcuffs/Belt (Each item is separated for purchase)

From $79.00
Description: Gold Balls Exploring the Private Parts, Enjoyment and Abuse AvailablePlayfulnessThe sexual gold ball vividly explores the private parts. A complete set of binding tools for arming sexually. Premium Italian...
UPKO G-string Clitoral Jewelry

"Moist Eyes" G-string Clitoral Jewelry With Bead Stimulator

Description: The Walking Clitoral Stimulator. Every step stimulates!Adorn your sensual figure like the birth of VenusBorn from the shell, the goddess of beauty Venus symbolizes the eternal presence of beauty....
UPKO Nipple Clamps

"Moist Eyes" Pearl Nipple Clamps

Original design, a work of craftsmanship.The sea is the origin of life, giving a sense of pure beauty.Drawing inspiration from nature, presenting the sensuality of femininity.The design of the nipple...
UPKO Double Bar Vibration Nipple Clamps and Clitoral Chain Accessories Set

UPKO Double Bar Vibration Nipple Clamps and Clitoral Chain Accessories Set

$109.99From $89.00
Based on the design of Double Bar Nipple Clamps. UPKO has incorporated the Vibration Function, introducing a fresh wave of excitement. The vibrating sensation of pleasure will be transmitted through...
UPKO mouth gag

UPKO Invisible Mouth Gag

Description: Invisible bondage, perceptible mastery.UPKO invisible mouth gag using a patented design, is applied ergonomic principle, to break traditional conception. It is fully hidden in the invisibility, but also make...
UPKO Leather Thorn Whip

UPKO Leather Thorn Whip

Description: Unnecessary emotions and crush skipped, what is left is only unhesitating lashing. The fine leather kisses the skin brutally and your preference is thus expressed. The leather thorn whip...
UPKO Leather Soft Whip

UPKO Leather Soft Whip

Description: The pure leather texture will leave a pink mark at each thrashing. Unnecessary emotions and crush skipped, what is left is only unhesitating lashing. The fine leather kisses the...
UPKO Rose Mouth Gag

UPKO Rose Ball Gag

Description: The patented structure design boasts both aesthetics and the sense of shame, well prevailing the conventional primitive forms. Behind the rose hides a sphere ball gag that has a...
UPKO BDSM Bondage Play Kit

UPKO Luxurious & Romantic Bondage Play Kit

Description: Sophisticated and luxurious, a romantic and bold French style is demonstrated. This baroque series makes a unique combination of elegant lace and patterns with tough leather and silica gel,...
UPKO BDSM Tongue Clamps

Multi-functional clamps set

Multiple uses with just one set of clamps, offering an incredibly valuable and sensual sensory experience.Tongue clamps, nipple clamps, scrotum clamps and more…High-quality zinc alloy material with refined electroplating, less...
UPKO Nipple Pasties

“Water Chiming Bells” Nipple Pasties

Click here to buy “Water Chiming Bells” Non-Pierced Clitoral Jewelry As the murmurs of bells chime, the spectacle unfolds. When the festive sounds of fireworks, traffic, and clinking glasses fade...
UPKO Clit Clamps

“Water Chiming Bells” Non-Pierced Clitoral Jewelry

Click here to buy “Water Chiming Bells” Nipple Pasties. As the murmurs of bells chime, the spectacle unfolds.When the festive sounds of fireworks, traffic, and clinking glasses fade away, let...
UPKO Leather Choker BDSM

UPKO Leather Cosplay Choker&Leash(Leash should be purchased separately)

$132.22From $49.99
Description: Leather choker is compatible to sexual games and daily wearing; high degree of comfort and tightness give a gentle feeling of being wrapped. The leash can be used to...
UPKO BDSM Leather Handcuffs/Ankle cuffs
Regular SizeLarge size

UPKO Leather Handcuffs/Ankle cuffs

$88.88From $79.99
Description: The dullness in the relationship is broken and in-depth emotional interactions are achieved. The joy of sadism and the excitement of masochism are embellished. Handcuffs and ankle cuffs can...
UPKO Leather Kinky Tools Set

UPKO Leather Kinky Tools Set

Description: Leather cosplay choker, the T-shaped plate matched with a big ring makes the use easier. The medium width is neither slender nor bulky, offering practical control. Leash, the pure...
UPKO BDSM Black Label Deluxe Kit

Black Label Deluxe Kit

Description: Condensing the essence of the planet Honoring the infinity of the UniverseUPKO uses rare leather, precious metals and brilliant stones from earthTo produce the newly upgraded Black Label CollectionTo...
UPKO Leather Bondage Hogtie

UPKO Bondage Boutique Leather Hogtie

Description: The exquisite metal parts feature the weighty feeling and streamlined design, producing a premium quality. The functionality and aesthetics are well balanced. Exquisite metal clips by the end of...
UPKO Leather Thigh Cuffs
Regular SizeLarge size

UPKO Leather Thigh Cuffs

$122.21From $109.99
Description: As the leather thigh cuffs tightly wrap up the legs, the 1.77 inches width maximizes the tension of being restricted. As the excitement is extended from the thighs to...
UPKO Leather Spanking Paddle

UPKO Leather Spanking Paddle

Description: As an extension of palms, this product creates great paddling experience with strong elasticity and the ergonomic design. The product is wrapped by premium Italian leather in a whole...
UPKO Leather Flogger

UPKO Leather Flogger

Description: The overall wrapping with premium Italian leather plus the ingenious integration of metal parts exerts a special visual effect. As the dark leather collides with the bright metals, a...
UPKO Spanking Stick

UPKO Spanking Stick

Description: The handle is wrapped by premium Italian leather, with zinc alloy parts marking the holding position. A perfect hold is thus provided. The tiny metal rivets add to the...
UPKO Leather Spreader Bar BDSM

UPKO Leather Spreader Bar

Description: The whole product is wrapped with premium Italian leather. The various and weighty gold accessories dangling at both ends further the beauty and uniqueness. Snap hooks fixed at the...
UPKO Leather Riding Crop

UPKO Leather Riding Crop

Description: Wrapped by premium Italian leather, the product is integrated with metal parts that increase the aesthetics and uniqueness. The contrast between black leather and gold metal exerts the luxurious...
UPKO Over the Door Hand Restraints

UPKO Over the Door Hand Restraints/Under the Door Ankle Restraints

From $45.99
Description: To make the private space a training sceneIt simulates the X-shape bracket binding and ties the hands and feet together while standing, bringing a full-on gameplay with stimulating visual...
UPKO Butt Plug

"The Mushroom" Butt Plugs Three-piece Set

Description: Overcome psychological barriers, boldly experience and try.Ergonomic design,and the striped pattern facilitates easy entry."Grooves store more lubricant, ensuring smoother entry into the sphincter muscle."Manual rotation provides an ultra-pleasurable massage...
UPKO Crotchless Tights

UPKO Crotchless Tights

Introductions: Sensitive to the skin, soft and sweet! I would like to be a little dessert in your wardrobe. Like ciciada wings, like a delicate gauzy curtain, it enters the...
UPKO Leather Blindfold BDSM

UPKO Leather Blindfold

Description: Soft thin leather on your eyes, a close experience of affections in the dark. Once vision is deprived, the other sensation will be enhanced, and you will feel the...
UPKO Leather bondage belt
Regular Size

UPKO Leather Bondage Belt

Description: Indulging in sweet, beautiful dreams with the help of a leather belt. The often ignored waist is as a matter of fact a central link for diverse ways of...
UPKO Carpe Diem Premium Bondage Set

UPKO Carpe Diem Premium Bondage Set

Description: Never formalize relationships and never take serious the serious. Silk, satin, feather, soft materials soften your protective shell. The Latin word Carpe Diem means to seize the day. You...
UPKO Butt Plug

UPKO Fox Fur Tail Small Butt Plug

Description: Slip over the sensitive part of your partner's body with the tail firstly, to arouse the flaring sensation and then proceed to the fox role play. Coat the butt...
UPKO Butt Plug

UPKO Rabbit Fur Bunny Tail Small Butt Plug

Description: The super soft rabbit fur bunny tail will give you and your lover teasing tickles against bare skin, to arouse the flaring sensation and then proceed to the bunny...
UPKO Leather choker BDSM Daily wear

UPKO Leather Thin choker

Description: Italian leather, comes with soft attributes, fitted in the neck, like an adorable lover who doesn't talk. Choker's head, special design of round nails with leather block connected to...
UPKO Leather Thin Bracelets BDSM Daily Wear

UPKO Leather Thin Bracelets

Description: Italian leather, comes with soft attributes, the bracelets are exquisite and stylish, but not stand-out. Two buckles are reserved, the size can be adjusted to make it loose or...
UPKO Feather tickler

UPKO Feather tickler

Description: Rising and falling, the feather goes with the body figure. All the tease, the itch and the heartbeat portrait a giddy atmosphere and cultivate sweet desire. The ostrich feathers...
UPKO Bondage Tape-Red

UPKO Standard static bondage tape

Description: The tape is perfect for the curious novice to attempt the bondage experience, but it can also be suitable for the professional players. With four colors, you can choose...
UPKO Restraints bondage rope

UPKO Restraints bondage rope(including instructional videos)

Description: Premium quality ropes plus professional binding techniques make works of art. The color of the rope is bright and full, and the delicate ornament of the end features chic...
UPKO Nipple Clamps

UPKO Snowflake chain nipple clamps

Description: Unique dangling snowflake shape, and gold-tinted copper finish are eye-catching and enables you to experience a painful but sweet sensation. The exquisite design and handicrafts make them best fit...