About UPKO

About UPKO

"Culture. Intimacy. Imagination"

UPKO, the epitome of high-end intimate design, gained global acclaim for its exquisite BDSM leather accessories before expanding its category to include captivating costumes and cutting-edge sex toys. Our unwavering vision drives us to be the ultimate all-category brand, curating a diverse range of products that cater to customer’s desire and elevate individual sexual pleasure to unprecedented heights.


UPKO was officially founded in 2018, the founding team recognized the monotony of the adult products market, many BDSM products available were often disposable and low-quality, marked by harsh odors, rough edges, and designs reflecting a predominantly male perspective. While these products may serve some, those with a desire for imaginative and extraordinary, looking to enhance their sex games with high-quality and beautifully crafted items, deserved a better choice.

This is precisely the reason UPKO was founded.

Driven by a passionate team of primarily LGBTQ, UPKO embraces diversity, fostering a uniquely insightful perspective that enriches our products. Our mission is dedicated to crafting captivating sexual experiences tailored to meet a wide range of needs. With five years of steadfast commitment since our inception, UPKO remains steadfast in upholding the essence of supreme design while infusing our products with rich cultural attributes.

We utilize premium leather from Italy’s second-largest supplier, known for providing materials to luxury brands like Givenchy, and most of our metal parts are produced with customized molds.

A Stunning Debut

In 2019, UPKO made a remarkable debut at the Shanghai ADCEXPO, an international adult industry exhibition. We unveiled our co-branding collection, "The Doll," which captivated professional buyers. Among this collection, the Rose Ball Gag emerged as the best seller, featuring a patented 3D modeling design crafted from Dow Corning silicone, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and safety.

Following this debut, UPKO gained significant attention in the niche market, inspiring us to explore new product series and enhance brand recognition through collaborations and offline events.


"Paradise Regain"

A foundational line of BDSM restraint tools, offering versatile combinations and crafted entirely from imported Italian leather.

"The Chess"

Inspired by chess, symbolizing the dynamic tension in intimate relationships. This series incorporates the classic pieces—King, Queen, Knight, and Bishop—melding beauty with functionality.

"Moist Eyes"

Drawing inspiration from a lover's tears, these products encapsulate intimate emotions using pearls to reimagine traditional restraints. Their unique design allows for use both in play and as daily accessories.

"The Black Label"

UPKO’s premium product line, utilizing the finest materials with designs inspired by the cosmos. Each item combines superior craftsmanship with aesthetic brilliance, challenging the stereotype that BDSM is a vulgar practice and instilling confidence and a sense of belonging in its users.


All BDSM tools in our kits are made from premium cowhide imported from Italy, crafted by skilled artisans to ensure high quality and exceptional user experience. The metal components are custom-molded, with some pieces featuring gold-plated brass, offering a tangible sense of weight and precision.

Although UPKO initially established itself in the BDSM niche, we do not limit ourselves to any specific definition. Like traditional sex toys, our tools help everyone explore their bodies and intimate relationships, offering thoughtful assistance along the way.

On the journey to discover pleasure, UPKO will always be your most loyal companion.


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