The Chess Collection —— Turning the Sex into a Game

luxury designed sex toys

Step into the world of sensual exploration with UPKO's latest collection—a tantalizing blend of sophistication, pleasure, and strategic design. Inspired by the timeless game of chess, each piece in this collection serves as a gateway to a world where passion meets intellect.

There are 4 pieces in the collection and each of which is representing a character in the chess. The weighty rules and order of chess, the intellectual severity, the ever-shifting power play, very much resembles the intimate relationship between skilled players. 

In the game, it's evenly matched, who will ultimately dominate remains unknown. Experience the tug-of-war between attack and defense, gradually eroding the opponent's defenses until achieving absolute conquest. 

In the bedroom, controlling your partner with the gentlest means, shattering their rationality, listening to their trembling and moaning beneath you. It’s the game, and it’s the most intimate game.

「King」 Butt Plug

Compared to regular plugs, the 「King」 Butt Plug carries more weight and ceremony. With the complete representation of a king chess piece at its head, it exudes dignity and grandeur. The integrated design of the crown atop the plug, visible even when fully inserted, adds a touch of shame and contrast, akin to an imprint of the Dominant's authority.

The 253g zinc alloy plug demands a firm grip to prevent slipping, turning every minute of wear into an exercise for the pelvic floor muscles. The female body, with its magical allure, can turn gentle ripples into surging waves and unleash ecstatic pleasure, captivating anyone fortunate enough to witness.

「Queen」Premium Metal Pleasure Balls

Inspired by the queen chess piece, the 「Queen」Premium Metal Pleasure Balls features a refined design resembling the crown. Connected by a food-grade silicone string, two substantial metal balls can be used individually or together, creating a "weighty bomb" that ignites deep sensations.

As the metal balls slide and collide internally, they continually stimulate the player, prompting involuntary contractions and tightening. This not only enhances sensitivity but also exercises deep pelvic floor muscles, achieving a sense of tightness and strength.

「Bishop」Mini Vibrator

Possibly the most exquisite and compact vibrator wand you'll ever own. It's astonishing how such a slender body can encapsulate such powerful energy, with nearly an hour of battery life, six different vibration modes, and ultra-silent noise reduction.

The advantage of the metal wand lies in its intense and direct vibrations, without any buffering or attenuation, sharply unfolding across the body. It acts like a wand for the Dominant, providing effortless control—treating it like a magic wand, Little M becomes easy to manage.

The vibrator wand is ideal for beginners exploring anal play.

The first step in anal exploration for beginners involves using the vibrator wand, entering without feeling any foreign sensation. The sweeping vibrations awaken every corner of the body, ensuring the initial experience is free of pain and discomfort, inviting you to accept it without reservations, craving for more.

「Knight」Urethral Sound 2-piece Plugs Set

Inspired by the knight in chess, the Knight Urethral Sound features a tapered design, simulating a knight's lance. Swallowing the shaft, it visually conveys a sense of wrapping when worn, embarking on a journey alongside "Little Knight," presenting a three-dimensional fullness and masculinity.

The urethral sound comes with two replaceable lengths—5cm for a pressure-free trial and 10cm for safety and control. Both lengths are beginner-friendly, making the experience more accessible and successful. Insertion is painless with proper hygiene, enabling a confident exploration.

The shaft has wave-like protrusions, providing a clear sense of every inch entering the body. Advancing towards the forbidden zone increases the sensation of entry and exit.

So, what is your favorite piece in this collection?


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