How to Use a Mouth gag: A Guide for Beginners

How to Use a Mouth gag: A Guide for Beginners

Mouth gag is a common bdsm toy, which can block the mouth or open the mouth for a long time, so that the sub can't speak. During the game, only the sub will wear mouth gag, while the dom will not. Wearing a mouth gag you do not have right to speak, resulting in a sense of humiliation and helplessness.

The mouth gag also has the meaning of BDSM symbol. Similar as the collar, once a person is taken with the mouth gag, it means the change of status and the transfer of power. Both the dom side and the sub side will quickly enter the role with the symbolic action of "taking the mouth gag".

In BDSM game, mouth gags only less important than rope. Through this way of "limiting human unique speech expression", both the dom and sub side can get their best pleasure from it. Mouth gags are generally divided into filling, opening and mouth ball, as well as towels, clothes, mouth gags, mouth balls, mouth openers, etc.

Using towels, clothes and other daily items to plug the mouth not only saves the purchase and storage, reduces the inconvenience and embarrassment during use, but also has a very good effect. Basically, many subs whose mouth is blocked can't spit a word.

Tips of clothes plug

Smaller and filler is better for play. For example, using medical gauze as mouth stopper is cheap and hygienic, and it feels more oppressive than using a whole towel. After that, wrap two circles around the mouth with tape, it will be very reliable.

Before inserting the cloth, sub should drink more water, and the inserted object should also be moistened with water first, otherwise sub will feel dry mouth for a long time afterwards.

Inflation Month Gags

Theoretically speaking, it should be a very good appliance, usually made of rubber, with an inflation device. The utility of the inflatable mouth gag is not strong, because the size of the subs mouth is different, and it is easy to cause vomiting. Some inflatable gags do not have elastic bands and may need to be used with other gags.

Static bondage tape

The tape can also be used as a mouth gag, which can be directly use on the mouth. Invisible mouth gag Invisible mouth gag using a patented design, is applied ergonomic principle, to break traditional conception. It is fully hidden in the invisibility, but also make it possible to conquer in the cramped space. Instead of blocking the mouth like traditional ball gags.

UPKO invisible mouth gag

Releases the mouth of wearers, so that mouth and tongue can flexibly take part in the procedure of play. The wearer is no longer only kept in the status of submission, but can also to provide service to the dominator, to achieve much more enjoyable pleasure during the play.

Open Month Gag

The medical mouth opener can also be used as a mouth gag to open the sub's mouth for a long time. Friction with the metal will cause discomfort. Mouth Ball Gag Diam of mouth ball 4cm is more suitable. Now the mouth ball gag diam on the market is about 3.8cm, 4cm,4.2cm, 4.5cm and 4.8cm. According to most sub the mouth ball of 4cm is the best, while the mouth ball of 4.5cm is too large. As for those above 5cm…Good luck!

The issue of mouth ball. If the belt is not tightly enough, sub could spit out the ball with the elasticity of the belt in some cases. If the belt is fastened too tightly, the front belt will grind to the corner of the mouth and be easily worn out. So you need to find out the best position for your partner. 


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