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UPKO Invisible mouth gag
UPKO Invisible mouth gag
UPKO Invisible mouth gag
UPKO Invisible mouth gag
UPKO Invisible mouth gag
UPKO Invisible mouth gag
UPKO Invisible mouth gag
UPKO Invisible mouth gag-2

UPKO Invisible mouth gag

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Invisible bondage, perceptible mastery.

UPKO invisible mouth gag using a patented design, is applied ergonomic principle, to break traditional conception. It is fully hidden in the invisibility, but also make it possible to conquer in the cramped space.

Instead of blocking the mouth like traditional ball gags, UPKO invisible mouth gag releases the mouth of wearers, so that mouth and tongue can flexibly take part in the procedure of play.

The wearer is no longer only kept in the status of submission, but can also to provide service to the dominator, to achieve much more enjoyable pleasure during the play.

The product enables perfect combination of visual aesthetic and power of control.
The silicone gags on both sides can be detached and to wear independently.
The pleasure is magnified by this delicate design of being invisible outside.



Materials: Italian leather, zinc alloy, silicone


Silicone gag part(one side):
Length: 3.66 inches
Width: 0.91 inches
Adjustable: 15.75 inches to 18.5 inches

Packing size: 212*88*65mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
OMG LOVE this gag!!

Almost elegant way to gag or be gagged! Love this seller!

Ben Chupacabra
Amazing Innovation

Amazing quality. Feelable high quality materials in shiny finish.
Comfortable to war.
Keeping the mouth of Sub free for play. Love it

Leonore Vogel
Nice accessory für photos, real use impossible

This toy is beautifully designed, crafted and packaged. But the wearer is not restricted in any way and can let go of the gag - which is not my idea of being gagged at all. So despite all the best ambitions of UPKO it's useless for me. Very sad.

Excellent packing and quickly shipped!

The gag itself feels even larger than it looks, as is often my experience, but not overly so. It fits well and induces fairly quick drooling, also as expected. :) Very well made item as well. :)

Seriously impressed. :)

Everything about this was beautiful, including the packaging. Reasonably fast delivery too.