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Guide to Leather Cuffs For Beginners [Newest 2022]

The most important and personal parts of an outfit are usually accessories. When considering leather accessories, one of the simplest, most statement-making are leather cuffs. Leather cuffs are bracelets made entirely from leather which fit closely to the wrist. These cuffs are a basic yet interesting accessory perfect for any outfit style. Made from genuine or faux leather, these cuffs boast longevity and durability with a fashion-forward look. What Are Leather Cuffs? A leather cuff is a bracelet style made of either faux or genuine leather which fits closely to the wearer’s wrist. Typically, these are made entirely from leather and designed to either slip on and off the wrist or fasten with a tie. These accessories can also fasten...

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Almost any time you start to enjoy some sexual activity, you’re probably going to wonder: Can I do this while I have sex? The same is of course true with butt plugs too. It’s not just a kinky fantasy though. Using butt plugs during sex can actually make sex even better! So let’s get back to basics, and show you the best ways to take your butt plugs into the bedroom! WHICH BUTT PLUG? Luckily, there isn’t a specific type of plug that you need to use during sex. You can use whichever one you want.There are a couple of things to bear in mind though.As always, any butt plugs you wear during sex should have a base that stops...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Ball Gags For Beignners

A lot of you probably aren’t into exotic and kinky sex toys that are probably only used by people with a very specific fetish. We’re going to be the first to say that ball gags aren’t for everyone and there’s a very good chance that you’d recoil at the mere sentence of your partner wanting to try out ball gags. However, we say give it a shot before you completely turn down the idea of such an exotic sex toy. So, if you’re a sex toy fanatic with crazy fetishes, ball gags might be right up your alley. In case, you’re trying to see what they’re all about or want to actually go out and buy one right now, we’re...

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Top 6 Tips To Know About BDSM

BDSM, or Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism, is a sexual practice that includes a variety of sexual identities and activities. BDSM is often regarded as this dark, freaky, non-normal kind of sexual preference, often forcing its players to retreat into the shadows and stick to carefully curated communities alienated from the majority of society.  BDSM participants identify themselves in one of three main ways: dominant, submissive, and switch (as oscillating between the first two). It’s important to remember that all of these identities are fluid and continuous, and can change depending on the participants’ mood or partner. What is BDSM?  Bondage: A form of restricting a sexual player’s movement, for example, by ropes or handcuffs. This...

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What is BDSM sex?

What Is BDSM? Types of BDSM How to Practice BDSM Impact of BDSM Improved Mental Health Reduced Stress Better Relationships Tips and Tricks for Practicing BDSM Potential Pitfalls of BDSM History of BDSM How to Explore BDSM Sex  

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