What Is Safety & Comfort For Permanent Male Chastity

What Is Safety & Comfort For Permanent Male Chastity
The most common question asked by couples just starting out on their enforced chastity journey is this:

Is it safe to lock a man's cock long term? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! as long as you observe proper hygiene and safety measures, of course!

Like any object you regularly wear close to your body, a cock cage must be kept clean at all times. In addition, it should fit properly and comfortably. A caged partner should inform their keyholder immediately if they experience any pain or major discomfort.

In this article, we’ll go over how to keep your device clean and your cock healthy for a safe, enjoyable permanent chastity experience!

This may seem like a complicated question, but the answer is in fact quite simple:

One that fits you.

The most important part of any chastity device is the fit. It should be snug but not tight, comfortable, and not rub or pinch against any part of the penis or testicles.

In our cock cage measuring guide, we give you a step-by-step look at how to measure your penis and ensure that your cock cage fits like a glove.

However, even with the perfect measurements, it’s important to pay attention to how your penis and testicles are feeling after a period of confinement. Do you notice any red marks or signs of chafing? Can you feel the cage rubbing or catching against your skin when you’re wearing it? Do you feel any pain? Are your penis and testicles a healthy color, and not swollen?

The two most common problems with the fit of a cage are:

Ring too small.
Many men interested in chastity deliberately choose a cock ring that is smaller than the actual diameter of their flaccid penis. They think that a tighter fit will be extra-effective in preventing erection and orgasm.

However, a too-small ring can be extremely hazardous to the health of your penis.

Overly tight rings can chafe the skin of the penis, creating patches of raw, irritated, sensitive skin which can serve as a breeding ground for infection. If the ring leaves a red imprint on your skin when you remove it, it’s too tight.

Tight rings can also cut off the flow of blood to the penis, which is necessary even for a cock that does not achieve regular erections. If you notice any discoloration of your penis or testicles, especially if they begin to turn any shade of blue or purple, move to a larger cock ring.

How do you tell if a cock ring is the right size? If you can wear it for several hours without either of your testicles slipping out of the ring, the ring is correctly sized and is doing its job.

Another way of testing is to put your index or middle finger between the ring and your skin. You should be able to fit a finger up to the first joint under the ring. If you can’t do this, it’s probably too tight.

If you’re unsure about finding just the right fit for your cock, many of our LockTheCock cages come with several sizes of ring for experimentation. Alternately, purchase a few rings at your local sex shop or online to try out sizing before ordering your new cock cage!

Cage too long.
It can be arousing to have a cage just slightly larger than your cock, so that your keyholder can watch your poor, neglected organ swell just a tiny bit as it tries and fails to achieve full erection.

While these cages can certainly add an extra layer of eroticism to short-term chastity scenarios, a man locked up for the long term is going to want a bit of a snugger fit.


To put it simply, having a cage that’s just a bit too long for your cock stinks.


When your cock cage fits snugly and properly, the hole or slit at the base of the cage lines up perfectly with your urethra. This allows you to urinate easily and comfortably without worrying about mess or spray.

If the cage is too long, the urethra tends to “wander,” meaning it does not always align with the hole in the cage during urination. In addition to causing a mess in the bathroom, this means that not all of your urine is making it out of the cage. Trapped urine can cause chafing, increase the risk of infection, and cause your cage to smell funky even with regular cleaning.

A good rule is that your cage or tube should be a ¼ to ½ an inch shorter than the length of your completely flaccid penis.

Keep your cage clean.
Even if you’ve found the perfect sized cock cage for you, it’s still important to keep it clean. An unclean cage begins to develop a distinctive odor that’s likely to be a turnoff for even the most adventurous of keyholders.

While caged, you should shower daily and make cleaning your cage a part of your regular hygiene routine. Most cages, especially stainless steel ones, have enough holes, slits and breathable areas to allow for cleaning the device while it’s still locked to your cock.

A mobile shower head with a high-pressure setting is one of the best ways to flush out any leftover sweat, urine or other fluids from your cage. If your shower head is of the stationary variety, a spray bottle filled with hot water works just as well!

However, it’s important to wash off with more than just water. Many practitioners of permanent chastity recommend using Q-tips with a small amount of body soap to thoroughly clean the penis.

If you regularly experience dry skin, moisturizing lotion can be applied in the same manner, though, as with the soap, make sure to wash the cage out thoroughly with hot water after applying.

Make sure to dry the cage thoroughly after showering, bathing, or swimming. Moisture trapped within the cage for long periods of time is the #1 cause of unpleasant smells, infections, and skin rashes. A hairdryer on a low, cool setting works excellently for this purpose.

To lube or not to lube.
Lube can be a useful tool in putting on your cock cage, especially for the first time. However, not all lubes are created equal.

When putting on the cage, it is recommended that you use ONLY baby oil or a water-based lube. Non-water based lubes are sticky and difficult to clean out of the cage. They can even cause the cage to stick painfully to your skin.

As with soap and moisturizer, make sure to use hot water to clean the lube or oil thoroughly from the cage.

Lube or baby oil should only be used during application of the cage. Many men in chastity report using lube on a daily basis to make the cage more comfortable. The need to reapply lube is a warning sign of an ill-fitting cage. The cage should be smooth and comfortable and not chafe even without the use of lube or baby oil.

Keyholders, you should ideally allow your man out of the cage every 3-7 days for a cleaning session. Feel free to supervise if you don’t trust him to carry this out without sneaking in a little self-pleasure. Or restrain him and volunteer to be the one to wash his cock – sl-o-o-o-o-w-l-y, of course!

Once the cage is removed, check the penis and testicles for any signs of discoloration, chafing, cuts, bruises, or irritated skin. Small injuries can occur unnoticed during periods of long-term lockup.

If anything seems off or wrong, see a doctor – uncaged, of course.

During the period of release, make sure to clean both the cage and the penis thoroughly. The cage can be cleaned using either antibacterial soap and hot water or a specialized adult toy cleaner such as our Love Toy Cleanser.

Many caged men prefer to trim or shave their genital region to avoid getting pubic hair caught in the cage. If you take this route, all trimming and shaving should occur while uncaged.

Shaving the genital area for the first time can cause ingrown hairs, redness and irritation. If you think long-term chastity might be right for you and have not shaved your genitals before, start with a trim to let your body begin to adjust before your cock cage arrives.

There are a number of myths and a large amount of incorrect information regarding the effects of long-term or permanent male chastity. Wearing a cock cage long term is safe and healthy as long as you keep both the cage and yourself clean and remove it in the case of medical emergencies.

Here, we’ll address the most common of those myths and why they are simply not true.

Does male chastity cause erectile dysfunction?
Myth: Wearing a cock cage long-term will cause erectile dysfunction, difficulty peeing, or other problems with penis function

Truth: There are no recorded results of any of these effects occurring. Professional urologists consulted on the matter did not find any negative effects of long-term chastity. Many men have been happily caged for years and are still able to maintain erections, achieve orgasm, and urinate normally.

Does male chastity cause nocturnal pain?
Myth: Wearing a cock cage overnight can cause extreme pain because the penis involuntarily becomes erect multiple times per night

Truth: A properly fitted cock cage should not cause this problem. However, individuals who normally sleep on their stomachs have reported some minor chafing due to the device. If you wish to sleep with the device on, it is recommended to sleep on your side or back.

Some caged men do recommend staying uncaged overnight a few times per month, as nocturnal erections promote regular blood flow to the penis. Nocturnal erections can be thought of as the body stretching or exercising the penis as it does any other muscle. As always, talk to your keyholder to decide if overnight uncaging is right for you.

Does male chastity shrink your penis?
Myth: Long-term or permanent chastity will make the penis or testicles smaller

Truth: Every situation is different. Some online blogs of men in chastity have reported a decrease in penis size after years of cock cage use, while some have not.

It is possible that extended periods of time – several months or more – without erection or orgasm may cause some shrinking of the corpus cavernum (erectile tissue of the penis) due to disuse. This is almost always a short term effect though, and once men stop wearing their cage their cock will quickly return to it's previous size.

If you are concerned about this possibly happening to you, talk to your keyholder about scheduling more frequent orgasms or the aforementioned overnight uncaging periods.

Say no to spikes.
While the above topics are mere myths spread due to misinformation, there is one aspect of cock cages that can be truly dangerous.

Let’s talk about spiked chastity devices.

Some cock cages feature spikes, also known as anti-pullout pins, inside the tube itself. Their purpose is exactly as stated – if the man tries to pull out of the device or otherwise break out in any way, the spikes will dig painfully into his penis. If he tries to touch himself and achieve erection, the same thing will happen.

Anti-pullout pins are dangerous and can cause long-term harm to the penis.

Realistically, there is no way to fully prevent every attempt by the penis to become erect. Involuntary nighttime erections will continue to occur (or attempt to occur) even after years of enforced chastity. These are the body’s way of making sure blood is circulating properly in the genital area, and are extremely healthy and normal. When wearing a spiked device, the anti-pullout pins will dig painfully into the shaft of the penis during these nighttime periods, potentially causing cuts, bruises and abrasions.


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