How to Use a Butt Plug: A Guide for Beginners

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Butt plugs are common bdsm toys because of the feeling of shame the wearer may have. It's not only women who can wear, but also men can wear too. However, men and women have different feelings towards butt plugs.

Anal plug is usually a plug stuffed in, with a tail dangling outside, which the wearer visually looks like a puppy or a fox.


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Guidelines for beginners to use butt plugs

For beginners, it is difficult to find the pleasure from the anal play for the first time. In the beginning, it must start with a small size, and it must be plugged slowly.

After you are getting used to it, then the sensation button is probably to be turned on. When the door is open, a new sensation level is unlocked. Still, the following points should be noted meanwhile:

Butt plugs can't be plugged into for too long, not alone to wear it all day long, because the sphincter muscle will lose its elasticity, and the faeces will be unbearable. When it comes to a  serious situation, it will cause incontinence and even prolapse of the anus.

The proper size of the butt plug will not hurt, but in the beginning, the anus will reject to it. Thus it is very important to apply enough lubricating fluid. As for the nature, silicon or water based will be recommended, since anus does not secrete fluid.

Here we suggest beginners to choose the size of anal plug not larger than 3cm in diameter.

As for the materials of the butt plug, zinc alloy or stainless steel will be highly recommended, since they have features of low friction, cool feeling to be put in the refrigerator, high hardness and easy to insert, as well as antibacterial.


How to use a butt plug

  • Step1. Clean the anus

Using an anal washing device, filled with water or water-based lubricant and repeat several times until the fluid is visually clean.

Rubber balloon type is a common washing device, which squeezes water into the rectum, but the disadvantage is that it cannot be released after squeezing. If the user is not careful, the water will be sucked back, so a syringe type or specially designed type avoid of backflow will be recommended.

  • Step2. Lubricate, open and relax the anal muscles

Coat one of your finger, with a condom to avoid bacteria, and apply silicon based lubricant, and slowly insert it around the anus first, to relax the sphincter, and gradually allow 2 fingers to be inserted into the anus.

It is recommended to use silicon-based lubricant for the anus, but it is not necessary to supplement it all the time. Generally, water-based lubricants are also acceptable. Please be cautious during the procedure, otherwise the anus will be prone to bleeding and pain.

If your butt plug is made of silicone, you can only use water-based lubricant.the silicon-based lubricant are strictly prohibited to use, which can only apply to the plug made of zinc alloy, stainless steel or glass.

  • Step3. Insert the butt plug

When the lubricant is sufficient, and the sphincter gets relaxed, the butt plug can be inserted then. The novice should choose the butt plug as small as possible, and do not overplay to insert the outside part.


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