eroFame 2023 Recap

eroFame 2023 Recap

eroFame is a leading global B2B trade show in the adult products industry with a history of over 10 years. It consistently attracts over 200 erotic brands all over the world.


This event, which typically spans three days, commenced on October 11th 2023  in Hanover, Germany. Participating brands showcase a wide range of products, including adult toys, erotic accessories, and other related items.


As the annual meeting place for the global adult products industry, each brand strives to exhibit its latest products and innovative designs. For the first time, UPKO, a Chinese brand, made its debut at eroFame, marking a significant milestone for UPKO's overseas market. 


Let's take a look back at this exciting event.

For UPKO's first-ever participation, the booth was intricately designed, incorporating elements from the East. The most eye-catching feature was the vivid red dragon on the backdrop, it's from a collaboration with a renowned illustrator who skillfully integrated UPKO's classic products into the artwork.


The intertwining of the dragon and human symbolizes a unique fusion of Eastern aesthetics and tension, raising questions of subjugation or symbiosis.

UPKO prominently displayed its flagship cabinet series at the entrance and set up an experiential area for its bondage product line, allowing attendees to personally experience the convenience and fun of the bondage collection.

Genuine leather accessories and BDSM tools hung on the wall, allowing attendees to get up close and feel the quality of UPKO's products.


One product, not yet available on the market and exclusively showcased offline, is UPKO's self-designed and developed Sex Machine. Inspired by medieval aerospace fantasies, this product features a silver metallic exterior that blends futuristic and retro-tech aesthetics. The combination of this design  with its functionality provides a unique and enchanting visual and sensory experience beyond imagination.

Take a look at more photos of UPKO's booth from the grand event:


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