Nipple Clamps

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UPKO Nipple Clamps

UPKO Crown and dangling side decorations chain nipple clamps

Description: The exquisite design and handicrafts make them best fit the charming body of yours. Chains between the clamps are the trigger of your love and desire. They can be...
UPKO Nipple Clamps

Double Bar Nipple Clamps and Clitoral Chain Accessories Set

Restraints Design Concept, Modular Combination Play A unique experience in slightly gathering, slowly pinching and wiping, and repeated tantalizing make the fantasy of shame come to the reality. This “long-standing”...
UPKO Nipple Clamps

UPKO Snowflake chain nipple clamps

Description: Unique dangling snowflake shape, and gold-tinted copper finish are eye-catching and enables you to experience a painful but sweet sensation. The exquisite design and handicrafts make them best fit...
UPKO Nipple Clamps

"Moist Eyes" Pearl Nipple Clamps

Original design, a work of craftsmanship.The sea is the origin of life, giving a sense of pure beauty.Drawing inspiration from nature, presenting the sensuality of femininity.The design of the nipple...