Leather Handcuffs

Do you enjoy getting tied up in the bedroom? Or do you love seeing your partner tied up and obedient? If so, UPKO has a treat for you. On this page, you will find our collection of cuffs. In addition to traditional ankle and handcuffs, our collection also features playful and erotic thigh cuffs which can be used alone or together with other cuffs, collars, belts, and other accessories.
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UPKO BDSM Leather Handcuffs/Ankle cuffs
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UPKO Leather Handcuffs/Ankle cuffs

$88.88From $79.99
Description: The dullness in the relationship is broken and in-depth emotional interactions are achieved. The joy of sadism and the excitement of masochism are embellished. Handcuffs and ankle cuffs can...
UPKO Leather Thigh Cuffs
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UPKO Leather Thigh Cuffs

$122.21From $109.99
Description: As the leather thigh cuffs tightly wrap up the legs, the 1.77 inches width maximizes the tension of being restricted. As the excitement is extended from the thighs to...
UPKO Leather Restraints Collection

Indulge In The Restraints Collection-Choker/Handcuffs/Belt (Each item is separated for purchase)

From $79.00
Description: Gold Balls Exploring the Private Parts, Enjoyment and Abuse AvailablePlayfulnessThe sexual gold ball vividly explores the private parts. A complete set of binding tools for arming sexually. Premium Italian...
UPKO Bondage Spreader Bar BDSM

Spreader Bar With Wrist And Ankle Cuffs Matching With Various Accessories

From $79.00
Description: Have you ever experienced the pleasure of rigid bondage?Total control, forcing legs apart.Immovable and versatile, offering various scenarios for play.Advantages of Rigid Bondage:Product design: hardcore coercion, strong visual impactUsage...
UPKO Extra-long Spreader Bar BDSM Set

Extra-long Spreader Bar With Choker And Cuffs With Nipple Chain Clamps Dangle With Bell

Description: To achieve play of submission with this astonishing“Human Furniture"Meet our versatile creation that redefines kinky play: the dual-purpose of hands and feet restraint tool. Experience a new level of...
UPKO BDSM Leather Ankle cuffs

UPKO Butterfly Effect Body Accessory-Ankle cuffs

Description: The occasional flapping wings of butterflies in the rainforests of the southern hemisphere, may cause a tornado in the northern hemisphere.The temptation of the boundaries of desire in intimate...
UPKO Leather lacelike handcuffs BDSM

Leather lacelike handcuffs

Description: Sophisticated and luxurious, a romantic and bold French style is demonstrated. This baroque series makes a unique combination of elegant lace and patterns with tough leather and silica gel,...
UPKO Bondage Gear-Sling With Cuffs

Bondage Gear-Sling With Cuffs

Description: Selected silky and soft flannelette safety nylon strap as well as high-quality zinc alloySturdy and firm, strong and resilientFitting with the nylon strap perfectly, the buckle can be adjusted...