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UPKO Butt Plug

“The Chess" Collection- 「King」Butt Plug

Description: During the intimate play, taking the control is not the purpose of intimate relationship, equality and balance can be harmonious and lasting.“The Chess” Collection integrates chess elements into toys,...
UPKO Butt Plug

UPKO Fox Fur Tail Small Butt Plug

Description: Slip over the sensitive part of your partner's body with the tail firstly, to arouse the flaring sensation and then proceed to the fox role play. Coat the butt...
UPKO Butt Plug

UPKO Rabbit Fur Bunny Tail Small Butt Plug

Description: The super soft rabbit fur bunny tail will give you and your lover teasing tickles against bare skin, to arouse the flaring sensation and then proceed to the bunny...
UPKO Butt Plug

"The Mushroom" Butt Plugs Three-piece Set

Description: Overcome psychological barriers, boldly experience and try.Ergonomic design,and the striped pattern facilitates easy entry."Grooves store more lubricant, ensuring smoother entry into the sphincter muscle."Manual rotation provides an ultra-pleasurable massage...
UPKO「King」Butt Plug & Crotchless Tights

UPKO「King」Butt Plug & Crotchless Tights

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