About Corset you should know: A Guide for Beginners

About Corset you should know: A Guide for Beginners

Check whether the corset are suitable?

If the corset is too tight is bad for the blood circulation, breathing and digestion of the body, but too loose has no effect. Personal experience believes that the suitability of corsrt can be measured from the following:

1-Changes of heart rate:

It should be increased by 10-15 times / min than that without wearing, that is, the heart rate is 70 times / min without wearing and 80-85 times / min after wearing.


2-Changes of breathing:

Due to pressure, breathing will become deeper or more frequent, and it is appropriate to increase 5-10 times per minute. The vital capacity will also become smaller, which can be reduced to about 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 of that when it is not worn. For example, the vital capacity when it is not worn can be 3000 ml, and it can be 1500-2000 ml after wearing. The body needs a period of time to adapt to the reduction of vital capacity.


3-Changes in digestion:

The defecation time may lag every day. For example, when you don't wear it, defecate at 6 a.m. every day. It's appropriate to lag 2-4 hours after wearing corset. If the lag is more than 6 hours, consider whether it's too tight.


Changes in urination:

After wearing corset, the bladder will be compressed, so about 1 / 2 of the times of going to the bathroom will be increased every day. People who go far need to consider carefully. The amount of urine excreted each time also decreases, especially during the adaptation period.


Changes of body size:

After wearing the corset, it is recommended not to reduce the chest by more than 5-10cm, waist by 10-15cm and hip by 5-10cm, otherwise it will really feel constrained.


It is recommended to have a physical examination every six months. If everything is normal, whether to wear tighter corset as needed.

The average daily wearing time of body shaping clothes:

15-20 years old, 4 hours 

20-25 years old, 4-8 hours

25-30 years old, 8-12 hours

Over 30 years old, 12-16 hours



Q: Men could wear corset

A: Yes, you can. If the chest is seriously rubbed with the corset it is recommended to wear sports bra. Generally, men are advised to wear women's corset unless your weight more than 100 kg.

Q: Can I wear it when I sleep?

A: Yes, but we need to pay close attention to physical health. It is recommended to experience it one time in 3 months, especially in the chest and abdomen. This one is from person to person. Some people have no problem wearing it for a long time, while others are more sensitive. Please note that if a man wears a bra, he also needs to be checked.  

Q: Can I wear it for sports?

A: Yes, but during exercise, you will feel that you can't keep up with your breathing due to reduced vital capacity.


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